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Intermetallic compouds for next-generation interconnect materials

Due to resistivity and reliability issues, conventional Cu interconnect faces problems. Intermetallic compounds have been studied as alternative materials for interconnect. Resistivity drops occurs at stoichiometric concentration of intermetallic compound. Metal aluminides such as CoAl, NiAl, CuAl2 are studied.


Thin film process

- DC/RF magnetron sputtering

- Co-sputtering from pure metal targets


Interconnect scaling

Size effects of conventional Cu interconnect

IEEE Int. Electron Devices Meeting, pp. 3.7.1–3.7.3 (2014)

Steinhogl et al., Phys Rev B66 (2002)


New interconnect material

- Intermetallic compounds

- Metal aluminides

▲ IEDM 2020, p.697-700


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