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Development of gas sensors based on metal oxide semiconductors for potential diagnosis of diseases

Air pollution and biomarker gases such as NO2, acetone, toluene, and ethanol. Novel material synthesis via sputter, hydrothermal, precipitation reaction, and sol-gel process. ZnO, In2O3, and Co3O4 based metal oxide materials. Set up of a measurement system for gas sensing performances. Systematic characterization through TEM, XRD, BET, P-E hysteresis, and so on.


Material synthesis

- Sputter

- Hydrothermal

- Precipitation reaction

- Sol-gel

  • Drop casting

  • Spin coating

  • Ink-jet printing


Air pollution / Breath biomarker gas sensor

Development of highly sensitive gas sensor that can detect even very low concentrations

① Photograph by Rich Pell

② Image credit: u3d/ (Respiratory Medicine, Vol.95 (2001) 649-654)


Measurement system

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